Here is a short introduction of our Organic Food Brands:     

  1. A)     “Happy leaf organic” is an organic food brand having a complete range of organic grocery items used in a kitchen on a daily basis. Our brand is created to provide quality assured food to people across the globe to help them choose a healthy lifestyle.   
  1. B)     “Organic Aaha snacks” is the world's first largest range of certified organic and an authentic and traditional Telugu snacks brand that provides 100% organic snacks for the people across the globe.   
  1. C)     "Thalaivaa Organic snacks" is the world's first largest range of certified organic and anauthentic and traditional Tamil snacks which have been a part of every household in Tamil Nadu. Each of our products encapsulates the essence of Tamil Culture and traditions that have been handed down for thousands of years, generation to generation and now to you.   

After successfully launching our organic food brands in the USA market in 2021, by reaching 24+ states, 87+ cities and 350+ stores in less than 12 months,     we are ready to launch in the Indian market as well as other countries in this year.      

We have a complete range of organic grocery products as well as processed food products like organic snacks as well as frozen products.     

Our products are organic certified as per USDA, EU, Canada and Indian Organic standards. We are certified for USDA (NOP) , Canada and EU by Onecert International, which is the USA based multinational organic certifying agency and certified under Indian (NPOP)  standards by RSOCA which is an organic certifying agency managed by the Government in India.     

A brief about our Companies:     

1)      Vedaroots Pvt Ltd     

“Vedaroots Pvt Ltd”, an authentic and assured organic food provider, which provides 100% certified organic food products, free from additives and chemicals, to serve the growing demand of naturally grown organic food.     

Our processing facility in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India, is created by keeping world's best quality and hygiene standards. We manufacture Happy Leaf Organic products in this facility.     

We invest in intensive quality testing for all our products to further ensure that they are best suited for consumer consumption. Our products are tested by Eureka (, Eurofins ( and TUV ( .     

To give authenticity of our organic products, we provide QR Code on every retail pack and by scanning the QR code, our customers can check the of 200+ Pesticide free test report of the particular products.     

All these enable us to serve the customers with the best food that one can get without having to compromise on the quality.     

2)      Vaishnavi Agroteche Pvt Ltd.     

“Vaishanvi Agroteche Pvt Ltd” is a brainchild of A homemaker who turned into entrepreneur amid pandemic by turning her passion for cooking to form an organization making the world's first largest range of certified organic Telugu and Tamil snacks.      

Our processing facility in Bengaluru, India, is created by keeping up world's best quality and hygiene standards with assured intensive quality testing of all our products. We manufacture Aaha Organic Snacks and Thalaivaa Organic snacks in this facility.     

We strive to provide healthy food products and quality services to our consumers, and for that, we ensure that best practices are adopted at each stage of production.     

Both Aaha Snacks and Thalaivaa snacks:     

  •     Are made in Cold-pressed Organic Peanut Oil    
  •     Leave Minimum Oil Residue    
  •     Have no artificial colours or preservatives    
  •     Made using certified organic products( Happyleaf Organic products) including Himalayan Pink Salt    
  •     Are low in sodium content